This just in from owners…

They’re working great so far. They fit well on the axes I keep in their cases and they extend far enough that they adequately cover the bottoms on the ones I have on stands. The Mrs. likes them because they’re better looking than the pillow cases I’ve been using. (Hey, any port in a storm…) I’m pretty sure I’ll need more of the smaller ones, so consider me a believer.   —George Gibson, NM.

When I was on the road outdoor performances in the summer were hampered by guitars in their stands going out of tune due to direct, on-stage sun exposure. You could sell a ton of them to touring bands. —Mac Holbert, OR

I think you may have a good idea. It is obviously a niche market, and not meant for everyone, still the idea does have its place in the right market. I have my ’97 Taylor 815 C sitting under it in the studio right now. —Daniel Cooper, Cooperstands, TN