All good things must pass…

I am very sorry to say that the end has come for BuskerBags. Even though we sold out at the Healdsburg Guitar Show, I just don’t seem to be able to create enough time and energy to promote these to the level they need.

My other main area of interest has, thankfully, taken up a great deal of time in the last couple of years as I began to publish a PDF photography magazine, Shadow & Light Magazine, which is much closer to my passion than BuskerBags was.

I still think they are a very viable product if handled correctly, but since I recently passed my 70th year I definitely am not able to have too many things in the fire.

So, I will be selling out my complete inventory for a VERY low price, as well as the site and everything else that goes with BuskerBags, including the trademark.

If you have any interest in purchasing a all or some of the inventory, let me know, here.

Thank you,

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