A fresh look to the future…

BuskerBag and GuitarOK, everyone. I guess it’s time to move forward and stop wallowing in the past. I apologize for not keeping the site up-to-date. There are no excuses, it was just me and my poor-pitiful-self!

No more. In spite of my “absence” I am still receiving orders, so I guess I didn’t disappear completely. I would like to thank Bruce, who is in the process of ordering his first BuskerBag, who kind of woke me up.

He had seen the ad in Vintage Guitar, and came to the site, and wondered if we were still in business. Well… we are! We have never been out, actually. It’s been kind of a regrouping of vision. So, I leave it up to you guys. If it seems as though I am taking another nap, send me a note and wake me up!

I have been busy recently working on designs for several new BuskerBags including bags for mountain and hammered dulcimers, thumb drums, stick guitars and a few other special bags to add to the BuskerBags­™ lineup.

Thanks again for all your continued support.

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