An up-and-down road to discovery…

happy-face-2Well, now. It has been an up-and-down road, hasn’t it? First this. Then that. What’s next? In the last post (too long ago!) I mentioned that I was preparing to let BuskerBags go. I did receive a couple of offers, but I discovered I just couldn’t do it.

I am still licking my wounds from SXSW, but I need to get over that. I’m working on it, seriously! I am practicing at least a half-hour a day, and have found that music is simply too deep in me to let it go.

I recently photographed the 2016 New Mexico International Dulcimer Fest, here in Albuquerque, and I gotta tell you it was a great deal of fun! Besides my job, I was also able to take a class in guitar. I met some great people and heard some fabulous music on the two concert nights. You can check out a few shots by clicking on the “Gallery” tab, above, and scrolling down to it and click.

I have also began to work with Stan at GuitarVista (Albuquerque) to produce a newsletter for his shop. It’s something we have been talking about for a few years and finally decided to just do it.
So, in light of a “Welcome Back” I am offering what I call a Two-Pack Bonus. Pick up two bags and only pay for one, including free shipping in the Continental U.S.! Is that a deal or what?

You’ll receive two bags for only $60. Be sure to specify what color you want, and if you are ordering a Mini, remember these are for mandolins, fiddles, etc.



All good things must pass…

I am very sorry to say that the end has come for BuskerBags. Even though we sold out at the Healdsburg Guitar Show, I just don’t seem to be able to create enough time and energy to promote these to the level they need.

My other main area of interest has, thankfully, taken up a great deal of time in the last couple of years as I began to publish a PDF photography magazine, Shadow & Light Magazine, which is much closer to my passion than BuskerBags was.

I still think they are a very viable product if handled correctly, but since I recently passed my 70th year I definitely am not able to have too many things in the fire.

So, I will be selling out my complete inventory for a VERY low price, as well as the site and everything else that goes with BuskerBags, including the trademark.

If you have any interest in purchasing a all or some of the inventory, let me know, here.

Thank you,


A New Year and something for sale…

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you all had a truly great year and your musical pursuits have been exciting and VERY rewarding!

I have to eliminate a few of the camera bags I have accumulated. There just doesn’t seem to be enough space in the house for everything. Bummer!

Anyway, I have an almost new Taylor Messenger Bag for sale. The original price is $69.00. I am offering it to you for only $49 (including USPS delivery). It has only been used a couple of times and it still in new condition .

Buy Now



busker-bags-taylor-messenger-bag   busker-bags-taylor-messenger-bag-02

This will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Good luck!

Meet me in Santa Fe!

The sleeping giant awakens. I certainly hope this long hibernation is over, don’t you? We will be in Santa Fe, August 28, 29, 31, for the Southwest Traditional and Bluegrass Music Association’s Southwest Pickers Festival. In this the 41st annual edition, and there will be a regular landslide of music that will certainly please every lover of traditional and bluegrass, as well as a few other styles.

My good friend, Annie MacHale, is going to send a few of her beautiful hand-woven guitar straps along with me. You will definitely want to check these out. The colors will complement you choice of BuskerBag colors. you can see her in action on the right sidebar.

We will be there all three days and hope to see you.

You can find out a lot more at Southwest Pickers Festival.

See you there!

A fresh look to the future…

BuskerBag and GuitarOK, everyone. I guess it’s time to move forward and stop wallowing in the past. I apologize for not keeping the site up-to-date. There are no excuses, it was just me and my poor-pitiful-self!

No more. In spite of my “absence” I am still receiving orders, so I guess I didn’t disappear completely. I would like to thank Bruce, who is in the process of ordering his first BuskerBag, who kind of woke me up.

He had seen the ad in Vintage Guitar, and came to the site, and wondered if we were still in business. Well… we are! We have never been out, actually. It’s been kind of a regrouping of vision. So, I leave it up to you guys. If it seems as though I am taking another nap, send me a note and wake me up!

I have been busy recently working on designs for several new BuskerBags including bags for mountain and hammered dulcimers, thumb drums, stick guitars and a few other special bags to add to the BuskerBags­™ lineup.

Thanks again for all your continued support.

Onward to 2015

Baby New Year 03It took a while but the glitches have been fixed and we’re up and running. As the closing days of 2014 are upon us I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their orders this year and I will do my best to make the buying experience in the future a pleasant and painless one.

Once the site was up and running I decided to clean things up a bit and add a new page: Gallery. In the gallery you will find photographs of events I have attended, including the Healdsburg Guitar Festival, NAMM, the New Mexico Dulcimer Festival, and the Albuquerque Folk Festival.

I hope you enjoy the images and I wish you great happiness, fulfillment and success for 2015.


Thank you for you patience!